Inflicting Introspection

I received the invite today Encouraging me to live Confidence surrounded me But there you were again It’s as if you micro-chipped me Stalking every step I make Forcing me to start over And put the keys away Boundless energy devoted To my never-ending thoughts Frying my cells like a drug Unable to connect the... Continue Reading →

My Toddler Outsmarted Me

For those of you who don’t know me, I have three children. Two girls and one boy. My youngest is two. Or I could be one of those parents and say he is 28 months old. My little boy can be described as my favorite candy, a sour patch kid. There really is no in-between... Continue Reading →

Timely Compass

  Finalized my pronouncement in the sea green room Dark sleuth deliberately emerging Overbearing and meddlesome Murmuring my insignificant and trivial value Reflection distinguished what had to be done Adolescent merely twelve Existence was already concluded Inconsequential voice consumed the hemispheres The nerves of her highway shutting down No rejoinder, no individual nearby Russet eyes fastened... Continue Reading →

Unraveling the Surreptitious of April

Camel cigarettes occupied the apartment like a miasma Slithering through the condensed rooms occupied with darkness Voices continuously whispering detestable disputes Out of body experiences transformed into nightly sacraments Exploitation and anguish occupied the pages of her journal Riddles sealed away in damaged closets Brown chair blemished from scorched ashes Epitaph reads April 98’ Nineteen... Continue Reading →

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