Timely Compass


Finalized my pronouncement in the sea green room

Dark sleuth deliberately emerging

Overbearing and meddlesome

Murmuring my insignificant and trivial value

Reflection distinguished what had to be done

Adolescent merely twelve

Existence was already concluded

Inconsequential voice consumed the hemispheres

The nerves of her highway shutting down

No rejoinder, no individual nearby

Russet eyes fastened

Pandemonium clings to the dream

Clawing away at the obstructiveness inside

Perilous boars attacking

Draining her last measure of vitality

Silver knob reflecting a diamond in the rough

A door unveiling purpose

Sovereign man stood there

Ambience bleached like a blank canvas

Infecting my brain with amnesia

I sauntered towards you

Jerusalem swathed me in a blanket

Love and purpose filled my vacant soul

Awakened and sluggish

Surroundings familiar in the once hostile room

The lamb exhibited commiseration

Leaving footprints in the sand

Showing me the way like a compass

Timing always felicitous

Perpetually nearby

via Daily Prompt: Timely



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