Inflicting Introspection

I received the invite today

Encouraging me to live

Confidence surrounded me

But there you were again

It’s as if you micro-chipped me

Stalking every step I make

Forcing me to start over

And put the keys away

Boundless energy devoted

To my never-ending thoughts

Frying my cells like a drug

Unable to connect the dots

Searching for an off switch

Nowhere to be found

Endless worry splattered

I’m paralyzed from sound

Obsessions drain my energy

The walls start closing in

Mental functions walked out the door

I’m no longer in my skin

You take over the driver seat

I’m a prisoner to your ways

Locked in with shackles

I cannot get away

My heart beating like a snare drum

Like rain on concrete

My lungs appear to be collapsing

Exposing my internal defeat

Perfectly imperfect

Anxiety, you won today

White flag isn’t displayed yet

Tomorrow’s a new day

via Daily Prompt: Fry


4 thoughts on “Inflicting Introspection

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  1. Wow! An intense love poem! I liked the infusion of technology (microchip). I clicked on your link since I loved the girl in the cage graphic.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s what I write about. I also host 10 blogging events each month where you could find more readers.

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